I think it's the toughest part of my portfolio - a part about me ;-) I'm definitely not a writer. I am a photographer. And if we meet here, it means you somehow liked my work :-) 
Who I am? 
I am girl who is fascinated about photography for almost 20 years now. 
Some time ago I had a crazy idea... "What if I work as a photographer and show my photographs to other people? What if I take clients? What if I photoshoot families? Babies? Children others then mine? What if... What if..." 
We meet here, 'cause I decided to take that risk :-) And I must say, I love it! It's so much fun and joy! To meet new people! To capture these precious moments of their lives. The love. The look. Everything! :-) And then, to see how happy my clients are with these photographs.
But who I am as a person? Ha! Ask my husband ;-) Well, I’m a woman. A dreamer and I like to make my dreams come true. I’m a fighter and believer. I’m neuroscientist. I’m a wife and a mum. I’m a book worm - if only I have time ;-) I like coffee, sport, Indian and Italian cuisine, Polish pierogi and coconut :-) I love mountains.
This is who I am.

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